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Language Resources

The goal of our organization is to preserve German culture and traditions and language.

If you are not a German speaker, we also invite you to check our our beginning and advanced German classes. See the Activities Page for details.


Free online German lessons for all levels. Popular mobile app.

Guide to help beginners learn to speak German

Learn German by Podcast

For students and teachers of German as a foreign language. A new and comprehensive approach to one of Europe’s major languages. From the producers of Learn French by Podcast.


Coffee Break German

Learn a language on your coffee break

Free podcasts

YouTube Videos

Jojo Sucht Das Glück

Soap Opera with lessons for intermediate learners. 

Deutsche Welle

Here is a list of some popular YouTube channels for learning and improving German language skills.  They each have their own approach and materials, but all in all cover the material in an easy-to-follow, progressive, comprehensive, and appealing way.

Most of these have extensive additional resources such as transcripts, worksheets, forums, etc. on their websites

Slow German - lerne Deutsch mit Annik! - YouTube

Andrea Thionville - YouTube


Hallo Deutschschule - YouTube


Learn German - YouTube


Learn German with Herr Antrim - YouTube

Learn more about Germany, its people and their customs at Meet the Germans:

Explore Austria and Austrian culture:

And here some info on The Culture of Switzerland:

Other Resources

Medicare-Ressourcen – A guide translated into German to help senior and disabled immigrants and their families through the Medicare enrollment process with answers to common questions and what is and isn’t covered by the federal health insurance program:

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