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Das Deutsche Kulturzentrum Santa Cruz wurde ursprünglich 1888 gegründet und heißt alle willkommen, die sich für deutsche Kultur, Musik und Sprache interessieren und/oder deutschsprachige Herkunft haben.

Originally founded in 1888, the German Cultural Center of Santa Cruz welcomes everyone who is interested in German culture, music and language and/or has German speaking heritage.

To celebrate German and German speaking culture we host:

– Unterhaltungsabende/ Conversation evenings

– Büchereitage/Library Days

– Liederkranz/Song Circles

– German Classes

– Kinoabende/Movie Evenings

– Cultural Events: Music Concerts & Art events:


Martinstag Lanteren Umzug 

Nikolaus Fest


Annual Membership Meetings


Check out our Activities for more details.

Willkommen !



   Project Day 2023  


Was für ein toller Tag! What a great day!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all who came to help and are still helping to support our Hall! As most of you know, maintaining and upgrading our Hall, built in 1959, is no easy feat.

We are grateful that 28 members came to help and are still helping to continue finishing our projects. We got so much done:

        – painted stripes on the parking lot

        – remodeled one of the bathrooms                  

        – cleaned out shed and chairs

        – did landscaping

        – shared camaraderie                  

        – enjoyed a scrumptious Spätzle, soup and salad lunch


Cellos by the Sea

Vielen Dank to member Judy Roberts, who leads the group and to the 10 cellists for performing a wonderful concert with 10 cellos for us!

Thank you also to the musicians and some of our members for providing lovely refreshments which were enjoyed by an audience of circa 70 people.

4-1 2.jpg


Die Bücherei für Klein und Gross

Our German library for ALL Ages is open

the 3rd Saturday of every month.

Next date: May 20, 2023

10:00 to 11:30 AM

Our library collection includes over 1500 children and youth books along with over 600 books for adults! 


CLICK HERE for the catalog of our children and youth books.

(our books for adults are not yet catalogued)


    to our ongoing volunteers:


Karin Behrens

Ingrid Hostetter

Christa Jaster

Clark Magruder

Kai Tamkun

and various Bücherei Members

Questions? Contact Jasmin at

Please share this news with folks who enjoy reading German!

Thank you!

Haydn/Schulhoff/Armenian Folk Musik Concert

String Quartet -Irene_Ben_edited.jpg


The German Cultural Center was excited to present a Haydn/Schulhoff/Armenian folk music string quartet concert played by wonderful musicians: Irene Herrmann, Samantha Bounkeua, Shannon Delaney D’Antonio, and Benjamin Bregman.

This concert consisted of music and stories about the composers.

To learn more about Schulhoff's life and career as a 20th century Austrian-Jewish composer, we recommend viewing the following documentary:

Erwin Schulhoff’s Early Life and Music: Tradition Meets Dada on you tube.

Membership Meeting Announcement .png

November 11th and the  Legend of St Martin

Sankt Martins.jpeg

" There is a traditional German custom that has a few things in common with Halloween: Martinstag (St. Martin’s Day, Martinsmas). Although they are very different celebrations, the Catholic Martinstag observance on 11 November includes costumes and a lantern procession for children. Also known as Martini (from the Latin Festum Sancti Martini) in Austria and Bavaria, the feast day of Martin of Tours is celebrated in many parts of Europe, including even some Protestant regions. According to legend, Martin cut his red cloak in half to share with a beggar during a snowstorm. The traditional roasted goose (Martinsgans) meal on Martinstag is based on another part of the legend. Feeling unworthy of becoming a bishop, Martin hid in a stable filled with geese. The noise made by the geese betrayed his location, and the people of Tours had him consecrated as a bishop. ​ In parts of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland the Martinstag observance is a children’s affair. Carrying paper, candle-lit lanterns they have made, the young children take part in an evening procession, sometimes led by a rider on a white horse, emulating St. Martin and his red cloak. In some places the lantern procession ends with a Martinsfeuer (St. Martin bonfire). Depending on the region, at the end of the lantern procession, the children are rewarded with a cookie called a “Weckmann” (Rhineland) or a “Stutenkerl” (Westphalia). In some regions the children go door to door and sing for candy, fruit, or cookies. This is called “Martinssingen” or “Martinisingen.” In this way, the custom is very similar to Halloween’s trick-or-treat." On Friday, November 11th children, their parents, grandparents, and other family are welcome to participate in our little lantern procession through the neighborhood, followed by after dinner refreshments and a social time around a fire with refreshments. We will be baking Weckmänner and enjoying Tee and Glühwein. RSVP to join this event.

Oktoberfest 22 Herz .jpg



Unser Fest war ein riesen Hit und es haben so viele mitgeholfen, um es zu gestalten! Es braucht tolle Zusammenarbeit um ein Essen und Fest  für 120 Personen auszurichten und die hatten wir dank so wundervoller HIlfe.

Our Oktoberfest was a huge hit and we are so appreciative of the many volunteers that helped make it happen!

Making a meal and setting up a Fest for 120 people takes great teamwork and we had that thanks to tremendous help from volunteers.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 2.12.24 PM.png
pasted image 0-2.png
pasted image 0-1.png

Bariton Hans Grunwald wurde für seine Leistungen im Bereich des deutschen Liedgesangs zum „Schubert Fellow“ ernannt nachdem er am Songfest Young Artist Program am San Francisco Conservatory teilnahm. Wir freuen uns dass er einige seiner deutschen Lieblingslieder, darunter Lieder von Schubert, Beethoven, Schumann für Gesang und Klavier, mit uns geteilt hat. Baritone Hans Grunwald was named a "Schubert Fellow" for his accomplishments in the area of German Lieder performance after he took part in the Songfest Young Artist program at the San Francisco Conservatory. We are delighted that he shared some of his favorite German Lieder with us, including songs of Schubert, Beethoven, Schumann for voice and piano.

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